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What's a micro wedding?

Elopement vs. micro wedding

Even before COVID, elopements and intimate weddings (known to some as micro weddings) were becoming popular with couples looking for a special wedding day on a smaller budget.

The difference between an elopement and micro wedding is typically the number of guests and the wedding day timeline. An elopement usually involves just the couple and maybe their closest family and friends. The celebration may include the ceremony with a short reception afterwards or maybe a dinner reservation at a nice restaurant. A micro wedding is really what it sounds like... a "small wedding." Usually no more than 50 guests, the wedding timeline may include the ceremony followed by a traditional wedding reception.

Micro weddings are popular for several reasons.

1. They tend to feel more special with only the most important guests invited.

2. They can save you a large chunk of money, with an average cost of $80-$200 per guest. Do you really want to invite that annoying coworker?

3. Less stress. In my experience, intimate gatherings are less stressful for the couple...they're not focused on things like seating charts, lavish over the top venues, or expensive bands to keep hundreds of guests entertained.

4. With COVID still posing a problem, some states like Texas are still discouraging large gatherings.

The wedding industry changing with the times and the option of an elopement or micro wedding is worth considering. Many of our clients have chosen the elopement path because it’s wildly romantic, it saves tons of time and stress, and it cost a fraction of a typical wedding. But more often than not, couples want to invite their family and closest friends. And that’s totally understandable!

That's why we’ve created amazing elopement and micro wedding packages. These packages were designed with the “busy couple” in mind. It’s a one-stop shopping experience (that can be customized) but most of the planning work has already been done.

And what better place to get married than Fredericksburg Texas? Fredericksburg is brimming with historical charm, boutique shopping, wineries galore, breweries, distilleries, sophisticated restaurants and quaint B&B's. Contact Wed in Fred today for your intimate Fredericksburg wedding!

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