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Fun Ideas for an Amazing Send-off!

In the modern world of weddings, rice is not always nice. The tradition began as a blessing or wish for prosperity and many children. It was a way for all wedding guests to take part in the blessing—a symbolic gesture for luck as the couple started their new life together.

Today, we’re more environmentally and safety conscious. Rice requires someone to physically clean it up after the toss, it’s hazardous and slippery to walk on, and it’s a danger to wildlife.

So what are some fun alternatives?

Outside of your own personal choice, there are several things to consider. Your knowledgeable wedding planner…that’s me, can help with these decisions:

  • What will your venue allow? Their policies take into consideration things like fire hazards, clean-up, and environmental impact.

  • What is your budget?

  • Will it be an afternoon or evening send-off?

  • How will it look in pictures and videos?

Here’s our top picks for send off’s that are Instagrammable worthy!


Sparklers are a brilliant way to get great pictures of a send-off that takes place after the sun goes down. These are real pyrotechnics, so consider children and overserved guests. You don’t want any accidents. You’ll need 20-inch sparklers (long enough to stay lit during the entire exit), lighters, and buckets for putting out sparklers.

Fredericksburg Texas sparkler send off at Cabins at Red Rock
Sparkler send off


The newest and trendiest send-off is cold sparks! Created by machines that shoot colorful sparks (non-fire) as far as 10-16 feet high. These make spectacular photos and they’re completely safe. Renting the machine can be pricey, but a cold sparks send-off will make a huge statement and is approved by most venues. Our favorite Hill Country cold sparks company is They also offer an “Extreme Sparkle” package that includes sparklers along with cold sparks. This is the most extravagant and unforgettable send-off we’ve ever witnessed!

Fredericksburg Texas cold spark send off
Cold Sparks send off


Flower petals are one of the most popular wedding-toss items. They’re fragrant, biodegradable, harmless, and can match your wedding palette. There are numerous inexpensive containers available, such as customizable paper cones and bags. If you have a large budget, consider setting up a flower petal bar so guests can fill their own containers.


These can be as colorful and fun as you want them to be! They’re inexpensive and venue approved with no messy clean-up. This is a crowd-pleasing option loved by kids and adults!


This dreamy option just might be my favorite for daytime send-offs. Made with biodegradable paper, dried florals, and mica flakes, you can customize your confetti and containers for any color scheme and budget. Our hands down favorite company for biodegradable confetti is For an added touch, include a bit of confetti in your wedding invitations and on your wedding reception tables!

biodegradable confetti send off in Fredericksburg Texas
Biodegradable confetti


Bubbles are a unique way to get your guests involved in the send-off, and they are a lot of fun for kids and adults alike. There’s no messy clean-up and they’ll give off stunning iridescent and luminous colors that will change with the light. Great for pictures! These come in bubble-gun or bubble-bottle form.

Bubble send off in Fredericksburg Texas at Gateway Gathering
Bubble gun send off


For weddings, bells are another symbol of prosperity. Small jingle bells work particularly well for Christmas weddings and they make a nice gift for your guests. Have them engraved with your wedding date for a keepsake that last a lifetime.

At Wed in Fred in Fredericksburg Texas, we’ve seen just about every send-off there is. We think making lasting memories is the most joyous part of our job! Most of our all-inclusive wedding packages include a grand send-off already, but we’d like to customize your send-off based on personal preferences and budget. We can't wait to get started!

Here’s a few Pro Tips to also consider:

  • Your wedding planner (that’s me) will need to schedule at least 15-20 minutes to get everyone lined up and supplies handed out. We’ll need to include this in your wedding day timeline.

  • If you’re not planning to keep your photographer until the end of the reception, plan your send-off for the recessional, when you’re walking back down the aisle as a married couple.

  • Give your photographer several opportunities to capture the moment: walk slowly, wave, kiss your new spouse, dip, and most of all, smile and have fun!

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