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Why I hate aisle runners!


Sure, they look super elegant and the idea of a grand entrance is sweet. But there are some serious downsides to aisle runners. First, they are a tripping magnet. Without fail, every single aisle runner I've laid down, someone has tripped. From an elderly grandmother to the bride!

If the aisle runner is laid on a slick surface slipping is often a result. And if it's laid on a soft surface, like grass, then heels get caught in the runner and tear it.

They're very hard to keep straight, they wrinkle, they curl up, they blow I need to keep going?

There are some great ways to elevate your aisle not using a runner. How about rose petals? Lining the pews or chairs with flowers, ribbon, sashes, or architectural pieces? I've included a couple of photos of aisle runner mishaps so you can see for yourself :)

This photo is before the aisle runner was even walked on!

This is the aisle runner the bride tripped on!

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